Monday, June 11, 2012


Today was my worst day of the walk so far.
Needless to say I had troubles navigating out of Tewkesbury. There were just so many paths and waterways and access roads. Not a good start.
And today it was raining. And like yesterday my route was long the River Severn. After an hour of walking along its banks along the muddy seldom used trail, in the rain, I’d had enough so turned to the nearby B roads. I was rewarded by the usual procession of lovely Tudor houses.
At one point I stopped at a house undergoing renovations and the builders escorted me through the house to show me their work. One said the house was owned by solicitors and worth £500,000.
At midday I came into the town if Upton on Severn. A pretty town with copious pubs and small shops, including a chippy where I refuelled. I also called into a book shop to check on guides to the Severn Way but the shop owner said it was not very popular.
The rain grew heavier as the day progressed so I abandoned the soulless and muddy Severn Way altogether, looking forward to reaching the village of Kempsey, namesake of the Kempsey in New South Wales where Haydon and Jenna were born. Alas Kempsey had nothing to recommend it that I could see though I took a few photos to mark the occasion.
Just out of Kempsey I took off my backpack to get out my MP3 player, but it froze as soon as I turned it on so I switched to my spare one, which went straight to fairly sombre music.
On the outskirts of Worcester I came upon the viewing platform overlooking the site of the last battle of the English Civil War. I reached for my camera but it was missing. The Velcro fastening was open and just ineffective in the wet conditions. I thought I’d backed up the photos onto my laptop the previous night but I’d only saved the ones I’d reduced in resolution for the Blog.
I retraced my steps but the camera was nowhere to be seen. Until recently the camera battery and SD card both bore labels with my contact details. Alas I’d replaced them both and had nor re-labelled the new ones.
So I’ve lost all the photos I have taken on the trip to far.
I filed a lost property report with the local police but do not hold out much confidence.
And today the mouse on my netbook stopped working. And yesterday I discovered my Kindle was no longer working.
My worst day.