Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Glasgow to Balloch

Photos to come
I took the train from Glasgow to Balloch. I don’t apologise. Glasgow evening rush hour traffic is awful and I was running late. The trip is meant to be fun.

Loch Lomond YHA is one of those beautiful heritage buildings that YHA sometimes gets to own – almost a castle, views of Lomond and beautiful grounds.

I arrived late without any food, too late for YHA dinner and Loch Lomond YHA is a long way out of town. I soon befriended two Dutch ladies who kindly shared their food with me.

 The YHA was full of school children who were well behaved and not particularly boisterous. One of their teachers was a real bully though. I’d hate to think that’s why they were so well behaved.
As I left the following morning I bumped into the Australian lady who I’d met in the Bath YHA weeks earlier. Small world
The bike is going well thanks to my purchase of a new front chain ring, replacement of the rear derailleur with one of my spares and some insight into chain and cog wear from the generous-with-his-time-and-advice Mike in a Carlisle bikeshop.