Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I left the YHA early (before the YHA staff were up and about) into a gloomy day, and after a hurried breakfast on a meat pie bought the day before as emergency rations.
I headed north along aloing the B road then across the fields and footpaths until I descended into Dovedale, a lovely limestone gorge that is a feature of the area and popular walk since Victorian times.

I lingered to admire Ilam rock, one of several curious limestone formations then at Milldale struck off up valley and up a steep climb to the Tissington Rail trail. For once this rail trail was high in the countryside with good views of the surrounding Derbyshire countryside.

The trail was the first since I’d started at Lands End in which I was passed by numerous cyclists and joggers and the occasional day rambler. Being Sunday and its proximity to nearby Buxton and Derby clearly made it popular weekend destination.

For a mile or so I walked with Jane and Sue and their numerous boisterous but well behaved dogs and we discussed so many common areas of interests I was sorry they had to turn back at Harrington station to where they’d started their walk.
I left the rail trail at Harrington and struck across country through Taddington and onto Tideswell.