Monday, May 14, 2012

D Day Lands End

I started the day by taking the indirect bus to Lands End by mistake which took over an hour to travel the direct 10 mile journey. Admittedly it travelled to some lovely spots on the south coast but I could have run direct to Lands End quicker.
I found my way to 'the sign' which seems to be monopolised by a commercial photographer. Some cyclists were having their photos taken with words 'End To  End' displayed but I made do with a Canadian couple and I taking photos of each other given the 'brisk' efforts by the commercial photographer.
Given my delayed start and uncertainty with the time I'd need to spend navigating on the first day I decided to run along the well marked SW Coastal Path.
Following Mark Moxon's GPX track on my iPhone proved to be almost foolproof - until I met a fool later in the day where the footpath was so indistinct and stupidly followed his advice and went slightly off track. Otherwise navigation across country along mostly unmarked paths proved easy.

Many of the paths were overgrown, indistinct or across cultivated fields but it was evident that those in the know went straight through the crops as was their right so I did the same. Few of the paths were signposted (apart from one through someone's garden).

At one point I came to a field full of cattle and they fled on my approach - but then I often get the same response from people.
Later in the day I came to a bronze age village of Cam Brae some way off my track that proved an unexpected gem.
Throughout the day I enjoyed the sights of Cornish cottages, the smells of farmyards, and the sound of the wind and birdsong. At one point I realised I was hurrying along without smelling the flowers and came to some bluebells (they were blue and bell - shaped that is) and thought to take a photo but decided I didn't have time...
So the first day with a daypack was easy. My boots were as comfy as could be. Tomorrow alas I have a much longer haul from Penzace with my full backpack - and I'll be traveling more like a truck than a racing car.