Sunday, May 6, 2012

Preparations Sydney

Here I sit, a hemisphere and four days away for Lands End with reports of bad weather for the start of the walk. It can only get better...

I learnt as a child that some mad people do this walk. Then I met a few in my own rambles along the Pennine Way in 2011 and discovered they weren't mad at all - on the contrary they were inspired, robust, resourceful and capable.

I read of those who had planned meticulously, had a generous budget, a support team, detailed maps (paper and electronic), classy accommodation prebooked, GPS devices and other IT reources enough to impress NASA. And I read of those who just set off with little more than a bivy bag and a compass.

I fit in somehwere in between but at least having experienced the worst that British Long Distance Paths can throw at me (day one of the Pennine Way in a gale). And knowing what it's like to be lost, geographically and otherwise, cold and wet. And also knowing what it's like to gaze upon the unexpected with a sense of wonder that lifted my heart.