Monday, May 14, 2012


Today I had my first day walking with my full backpack.

St Michael's Mount was prominent as I walked the SW Coastal Path. I noticed how very similar it was to the New South Wales coastline. The frequent climbs over headlands convinced me the inland route was a good choice.

At one stage I saw a couple  hiking ahead of me with big backpacks so I thought to chat with them but they were clearly happy with their own company. Alas in doing so they took a path towards the beach that turned out to be a goat track over the rocks. The man urged me ahead saying 'good luck.'

I left them far in my wake and when they disappeard from sight I presumed they'd both fallen to their deaths.

Later on a couple coming the other way stopped to talk.  They said they were walking the entire coast of Britain in stages 'before they died'. They didn't strike me as that old, so I presumed they walked very slowly.

Eventually I caught up to another couple and joined them for lunch. Both were medical doctors, one a psychiatirst. She gave me no indication she thought my adventure a little crazy.

I pushed on navigating my way across plowed fields with no markers other than stiles to indicate their existence. I passed two men in tractors who waved me friendly greetings.

Later on I met my first aggressive farm dog that turned tail as soon as I turned on it.

As I headed towards my planned campsite for the night I noticed how close I was to Helston and the opportunity to walk through it and to follow a riverside route. I then discovered a farm camping barn nearer at hand and spent the night there instead, the only guest.  I soon had both farm 'guard dogs' eating out of my hand.

I was glad to know that in spite of my heavier than intended pack weight my well worn in hiking boots were as comfy as could be and so too my pack. And I was glad to make use of my sleeping bag.

I ate in, deciding to consume my overstocked supply of army ration packs as a means to reduce my pack weight. A visit to the local pub fare of curry had me almost regreting my earlier repast.

I spent the evening trying to cull my gear further but apart from a few oddments (including deodorant - I don't think I smell) I felt I was down to the minimum if I was going to camp at all.

The barn owner was kind enough to furnish me with a replacement plastic water bottle to replace my own that had escaped during a brief navigation rest. He also mentioned he gets a few 'End to Enders' staying.