Monday, May 14, 2012

Truro stll

I decided to stay in Truro a second day because I was so weary and footsore and the B&B so interesting and cosy. Oh and it was pissing down with rain when I woke up.
It has been particularly interesting because the B&B is owned by the local Mayor whose term of office finishes today. All the more interesting because he's embroiled in a planning battle with local developers that made the headline of the local newspaper - a man after my own heart. 

Early in my walk I passed throught I passed through the pretty village of Kenwyn with its small local library.

On the accommodation front things are not looking very good. The 'couch surfing' options I'd lined up months ago are not working out (tho' I'm sure people don't move house, go on holiday or invite their in-laws over to stay just because they know I'm coming) and the B&B's along my route for the next two days claim to be full (unless my reputation has gone before me).
At least the weather is good for camping and B&B's a few more days out seem to be available. So I might be doing some wild camping if I can't come across camping sites along the way. Still if the 70 year old woman a month ahead of me is content with farm and other wild camping all the way I shouldn't complain - I shall have to look upon it as character building. I just wonder though how much more character do I need.

I can't help thinking however that B&B's have cosy beds and other comforts in which to celebrate a long day's hike. Nevertheless my rest day in Truro has been interesting where I spent the day looking round the Cathedral and other sites in town.
On reflection I've given myself a B+ for navigation planning but a low C- for accommodation planning beyond the first three nights. But then I'm not yet into my stride and have already taken an unscheduled rest day and better men (and women) than I have admitted to the odd accommodation cock up. And there's little point in carting camping gear across the country just for the fun of carrying it.
I am a little worried however about my blisters which are worse than I thought. I'm not keen to have another trip to hospital to have my feet swathed in impressive bandages and given several brands of antibiotic like my last long  hike, though the nurses were pretty and the rest spell was nice. 

 And it's on days like this I must admit to missing my bagpipes and a few other comforts.