Saturday, May 19, 2012


I rejoined my walk where I'd left off yesterday, on the Camel Trail.

Today it was drizzling with no sign of the many 'boys on bikes' from yesterday's sunny weather.

The walk along the old railway alignment alongside the River Camel was pleasant enough apart from the rain. The few local walkers I met seemed to reflect the dreariness of the weather.

I left the trail deviating from my planned route since it led only to a village which no longer had a B&B on offer.

I pressed on to another village that was more on my direct route and had a pub where I enjoyed a pork pie and a (half) pint. The B&Bs nearby were either too far off my route or unavailable so I pressed into the cold windy weather thinking it was about time I actually used my tent.

I condsiderd a route march to my next planned overnight stop but  it being over Cornwall's highest moor and now late in the day I decided to check out a campsite en route.

At South Penquite Farm I was offered a pitch for £7 for my single tent or a yurt for £20. They're funny things yurts; no matter how small they look from the outside they're palatial inside. Mine (needless to say I took the yurt) came complete with woodstove and regular gas stove so my warmth and overall comfort was assured for the night. It even came.with wind up radio, it being all very 'Eco.'

I used the time and comfort to now actually do some serious accommodation planning and managed to secure decent quarters en route for the next two nights. 
I decided camping is all very well and good but at my age travelling 'Spartan' is just showing off.

I dined on my remaining rations, knowing I could restock tomorrow. It's been just too long since I enjoyed that feast of feasts Thai Chilli Noodles with a side dish of 'Smash' powdered mashed potatoes.

As I prepared to settle in for the night in front of the roaring woodstove, my only companion my Kindle eBook, I noticed two small tents had appeared nearby. The occupants were two young cyclists doing LEJOG. They passed up my offer of warm quarters for the evening, and just as well too because just for once I was happy with my own company and planning to enjoy sitting round the fire reading.

I reflected on the fact that the day hadn't turned out so bad after all in spite of some minor navigation mishaps, the dreary weather and my corresponding mood. The end result was good, I'd dropped back a day but who cares, I'd been easy on my blistered feet and I had no other aches or pains or stiffness. I felt well fortified for tomorrow's assault on 'Brown Willy.'

Just a pity that after 7 days I'm still taking a bloody tent for walk for no reason.

And the only casualty of the day being the coffee table in the yurt (right next to the woodstove) that caught fire.

The day could have been a lot worse one way or another.